10 Best AI Chatbot Apps

calendar Updated February 07, 2024
Maryna Stavnycha
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10 Best AI Chatbot Apps

In 2012, an article published on Gizmodo stated that the best chatbot in the world is awful. Last year, Forbes published an article titled “Chatbots Will Be Your New Best Friend.” This dramatic change in attitude toward chatbot apps wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the recent major advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics—the combination of which drives innovation across every industry.

Modern AI chatbots come in a variety of forms, from stand-alone mobile apps to messaging apps integrated into social networks, and their use varies widely. Christie Pitts, Head of Operations at Backstage Capital, thinks that:

Chatbots represent a new trend in how people access information, make decisions and communicate.

Selecting best chatbots is a daunting task. The chatbot app landscape is constantly changing, growing larger and larger every day. Facebook Messenger already contains more than 110,000 bots, and other popular instant messaging applications are not far behind.

Still, there are already several chatbot apps that have managed to established themselves as the best chatbots available. We have selected top 10 best AI chatbot apps that are most promising, making sure to include something for everyone. Here they are in no particular order:


Duolingo chatbot

Duolingo is an incredibly popular language learning platform and service which has helped millions of users from around the world learn new languages and connect with other people. They’ve recently hopped on the bot bandwagon by releasing several virtual language tutors created to help learners practice without pressure

Duolingo chatbot apps improve over time as users chat with them. Right now, they are far from some of the best AI available but give them some time, and they will likely get there.

When you do real things like reading a report in German or French, you really feel like you are doing something. This confirms that you are really working to understand the new language.

Luis von Ahn,

Co-founder and CEO of Duolingo


Gymbot app

Everyone who has ever tried to follow an exercise plan knows how painful it can be to track down all the sets, reps, weights, and exercises. The old-school method involves pen and paper coupled with some math, and the new-school method involves GymBot, a Facebook Messenger bot that tracks your training efforts.To use this bot, you simply open the Messenger app, send GymBot a message with your training statistics, and it will maintain a personalized training journal for you.

Everyone who has ever tried to follow an exercise plan knows how painful it can be to track down all the sets, reps, weights, and exercises. The old-school method involves pen and paper coupled with some math, and the new-school method involves GymBot, an AI chatbot that tracks your training efforts.To use this bot, you simply open the Messenger app, send GymBot a message with your training statistics, and it will maintain a personalized training journal for you.

Dinner Ideas

Dinner Ideas chatbot app

Our modern lifestyle makes it difficult to cook healthy meals regularly. Most people either eat packaged, frozen food or order cheap fast-food meals. Fortunately, there’s a chatbot for Facebook Messenger called Dinner Ideas, that can suggest the perfect recipe for you. To use this AI bot, you simply tell it at least one grocery item, and it will take care of the rest for you. Chatting with what’s essentially an infinitely large online recipe book is not only fun but also incredibly useful.


Luka AI app

Luka is one of the best chatbot apps simply because of how accessible it is. Anyone can download it from App Store and use it to plan weekends and dinners with friends, stay up to date with the news, play games and quizzes, view personalized recommendations on the map, and more.

The San Francisco-based developers have secured almost $5 million in 2 funding rounds from 5 investors. They use their funds to add more functionality to Luka, making it better with every release.

It’s definitely the future – I’m always for the future.

Eugenia Kuyda,

Co-Founder & CEO Luka (dba Replika)



What could be a better way how to start this list than with the best AI chatbot when it comes to having conversations with humans. Cleverbot came very close to passing the Turing Test at the Techniche 2011 festival, with only a few percent difference when compared to people.

The man behind this chat bot app is British scientist Rollo Carpenter. According to the most recent estimation, Cleverbot held over 200 million conversations. The bot uses each conversation to learn more and improve its responses. It can be accessed through the web interface or downloaded as an iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile app.

According to the most recent estimation, Cleverbot held over 200 million conversations

We cannot quite know what will happen if a machine exceeds our own intelligence, so we can’t know if we’ll be infinitely helped by it, or ignored by it and sidelined, or conceivably destroyed by it…

Rollo Carpenter,

The founder of AI software firm Cleverbot


Chatterbot ai

Used to generate automated responses to a user’s input, the ChatterBot app contains a Python library that makes it very easy for developers to create their own chat bot apps. AI apps created using ChatterBox can be trained to speak any language. They naturally improve over time without any coding or patching.

What’s so great about ChatterBot, especially compared to many other libraries for AI apps, is how extensive and easy-to-understand the online guide is. Even relatively inexperienced developers can quickly learn how to create intelligent chatbots that are virtually indistinguishable to real humans.

Wanna build a chatbot?
Get to know more about available chatbot building platforms with no programming required


Prisma bot for telegram

Prisma has earned its place among the best chatbot apps because it puts the fun back into digital photography. This AI chatbot offers a sizable selection of beautiful photo filters which you can apply just by sending your pictures to the bot via Telegram and telling it what to do. The bot is also available as a smartphone app. The app adds a useful preview feature which lets you see multiple filters at the same time.

We see big opportunities in deep learning and communication.

Alexey Moiseenkov,

Prisma CEO and Co-founder


Mona chatbot app

Given that Mona is one of the most popular personal shopping assistant bots out there, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that it was developed by former Amazon employees. As explained by Tech Crunch.

Mona takes things a step further with a feature it calls ‘Missions.’ This has it scouring online stores for products that meet a particular set of criteria, based on product type, style, price, and more.

The bot currently works with over 300 retailers and their number is steadily growing larger. What’s more, Mona features top 20 best promotions and discounts every day. That way, you can save a lot of money on your favorite brands.

Today, shopping is organized around products, and we want to organize it around people.

Orkun Atik,

Mona CEO and Co-founder


Doorbell bot

Trusted by United Nations, Xively, VMware, and over 1,000 more customers, Doorbell is perhaps the most popular AI bot for gathering in-app user feedback. It’s built using modern technologies and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. It integrated with most popular Project Management Systems or Issue Trackers and is fully customizable. Bots like Doorbell are changing the way developers and companies receive customer feedback, giving everyone better apps and services.

Today, we’ll show you three more interesting chatbot apps examples proven to help businesses start meaningful conversations and generate revenue:



This chatbot application will help you control your expenses; it can help you save money and spend wisely. As soon as given access to your current account, Oportun will take care of transferring the specified amount of money to your personal Oportun account, protected by FDIC.

The interest you get on your Oportun saving is 0.05% on every dollar not spent. Oportun also independently decides how much money to transfer based on your monthly income, incoming bills, current payments, lifestyle habits, and balance on your account. Oportun will keep you informed of your current savings. Whenever there is a need to withdraw money, simply contact the Oportun chatbot, and it will immediately take action.

The bank experience has too much friction and inertia that people are just not saving.

Ethan Bloch,

Founder of the personal finance app Oportun


Lark health AI chat app

Lark (for iOS and Android) is a health AI chat app that, like a fitness trainer, communicates with you to achieve your weight loss goals. Lark makes witty remarks about how you can improve your lifestyle by relying on information from a database created by the world’s leading sleep and nutrition experts.

How does Lark work?

The app, like any other health tracker, uses the built-in sensors of your device to track your actions and habits. A feature of chatbot is that you can write about your diet, and then provide comprehensive feedback on your eating, drinking, exercise and sleep habits.

According to the creators of Lark, since the chatbot app was released, there have been more than 300 million text messaging exchanges between smart assistant and users. This load is equal to the efforts of 20 403 full-time nurses. So a monthly subscription of $ 19 seems quite reasonable!

We offer compassionate personal healthcare for anyone struggling with, or at risk of, a chronic condition through an AI nurse – the first ever non-human to be able to stand in for a healthcare professional and achieve equivalent health outcomes.

Julia Hu,

CEO and founder at Lark

And the Bonus One of 10 Top Bots Powered by AI:

Personal Trainer Insurance

Next Insurance Facebook chatbot
The online chat bots also work well with the most traditional industries, for example, insurance.

So, isn’t it a great opportunity to increase sales by launching a messenger bot? That’s why Next Insurance, a California-based start-up, have created a solution to enable businesses to buy insurance via a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Personal Trainer Insurance messenger bot brings customers simplicity, transparency, and easy access.

70 percent of our customers are buying insurance on their phones.
Next Insurance

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