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Conversational AI in Education Industry

Conversational AI in education enables institutions to significantly cut care costs on students, provide rich chatbot-to-student communication and create a whole new digital experience for enrollments and admissions regardless of students location, time or device.

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Use сases

  • Personalized learning experience
  • Student enrollment
  • Students support
  • Automated administrative works
  • Personalized learning experience

    of students are interested in personalized information on degree progress *

    Using conversational AI, educational institutions can provide an individual approach to their students by offering personalized experience based on their interests, level of knowledge and wishes.

    AI in education serves as a personal student assistant to personalize learning materials and optimize learning outcomes.

    *Source: Statista
  • Student enrollment

    of customers prefer to use chatbots because of a quick answers to simple questions *

    Students and their parents often visit the website of the educational institution before enrolling in order to learn more about the institution. The main task of the university website in this process is to provide the correct information about the admission process, payment and accomodation at the right time. This will help you convert potential customers faster. Creating a bot with frequently asked questions is the best way to answer all the questions and doubts a potential student or his parents might have about your institute.

    *Source: Salesforce
  • Students support

    of all interactions in the education sector can easily be automated using AI-powered chatbots *

    AI-powered chatbot is available 24/7,
    gives immediate responses to students outside of office working hours and has multilingual capabilities.

    AI in education can be trained to deal with a wide range of questions that students have – admission process, important details about the courses, modules, professors, project deadlines, event updates, etc.. It can serve as a one-stop-shop for all answers related to them.

    *Source: LivePerson
  • Automated administrative works
    by 70%

    Virtual customer assistants help organizations reduce call, chat and email inquiries by 70% *

    Education includes a variety of administrative tasks that can be automated using Conversational AI.

    Administrative tasks can sometimes be suppressing, time-consuming and requiring greater focus. AI for education can be used to minimize manual administrative tasks, from evaluating assignments to grading reports, so that professors can spend time with their students.

    *Source: Gartner

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Conversational AI Services

Master of Code Global provides an end-to-end list of services for any financial organization looking to enter or expand their conversational AI footprint.

  • Conversational AI Strategy Consultancy
  • Solution Review
  • Conversation Design
  • Finance Bot Development
  • System Integration

Conversational AI Strategy Consultancy

Defining a conversational strategy is important for long-term success, but is also challenging. A solid strategy requires both knowledge of the business as well as the landscape in which you - and your competition - are playing.

A strategist will help you plan your vision, review your data, prioritize the right use cases, create a roadmap, identify the right channels, and more. With an understanding of the banking and financial services sector, Master of Code Global is prepared to guide you through creating the optimal AI strategy for your needs, and setting you up for continued growth and expansion as your needs and the landscape continues to evolve.

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Solution Review

You’ve already realized that a conversational AI solution is a strength for any financial services business to have, allowing your customers to self-serve. But how do you mature to the next level?

The first step in planning that next step is to review your current solution from top to bottom - from persona to the use cases; from the technology to the underlying platform.

Planning for the next stage requires an understanding of where you are at today, and the Conversational Experts at Master of Code can review what’s there today, document it, and provide inputs to help define the strategy for tomorrow and beyond.

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Conversation Design

The strength of any self-service tool is how it engages with the customer. Do you want a basic service that can only do a handful of things, or do you want a virtual assistant that can do as much as a branch advisor or teller?

Master of Code’s dedicated team of Conversation Designers can help you expand your customers’ experience with your chatbot or voice assistant, making the bot feel like and truly represent your brand and your services. From FAQ automation to checking your balance, making a bill payment to applying for a credit card…

Our Designers can help map out your conversational use cases, taking into consideration all of the details that need to be part of the process, helping design an experience that gives your users the control that they want and desire when banking with you.

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Finance Bot Development

Master of Code’s bot development team can do the entire solution build - top to bottom. We work with the leading bot and hosting providers - Microsoft, AWS, Google, LivePerson, Glia, and more! - to implement the right solution for what you need, working within the tools you have or recommending the ideal solution for your financial institution, based on your needs.

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System Integration

A major success factor with any virtual assistant is being able to provide the user the right information at the right time. Many banking services are spread out over multiple systems, some of which are in the cloud and others on-premise. And in some cases the ability for the systems to talk to one another can be a struggle.

Master of Code Global’s experience includes extensive integrations with many different systems. Building this bridge between disconnected systems will provide your users with more opportunity for self-service, allowing them to take ownership of their financial activities.

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