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Chatbots Powered by Conversational AI for Airport Operations

Improve your customers’ travel experience and boost in-airport sales with AI-powered conversational solutions built by Master of Code Global.

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Use сases

  • Customer Support
  • In-Airport Sales
  • COVID-19 Updates
  • Feedback Collection
  • Building Brand Loyalty
  • Passenger Data Gathering
  • Customer Support

    billion hours saved on customer
    service by using a chatbot *

    Offers 24/7 quality customer support to your passengers to respond to passengers’ questions such as flights, in-airport services, baggage information, parking assistance, etc. With the Airport chatbot, you can handle the majority of сustomer requests, providing excellent customer service; reducing lines at info counters, by answering simple questions with chat. Аs a result, get more happy passengers and lower support costs.

    • FAQs
    • Security Wait Times
    • Flights Arrivals & Departures
    • Shuttle and baggage information
    *Source: Khoros
  • In-Airport Sales

    increase in sales with chatbot implementation *

    Use the Airport chatbot as a sales tool by offering personalized recommendations like parking reservations and duty free hours throughout a traveler’s journey. Chatbots can also answer additional questions from passengers during the purchase process to help them complete their orders. Send targeted marketing messages at the right time and easily increase sales through your live chat.

    • Shops, Restaurants, Services & Amenities
    • Airport Parking & Reservations 
    • Airport Duty Free
    *Source: Intercom
  • COVID-19 Updates

    of people reached out to a contact center to resolve COVID-related issues around travel (Covid-19) *

    Use the Airport chatbot today to increase awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic among your passengers. And also inform passengers about such information as travel restrictions, measures taken by the airport to combat the pandemic and changes in store opening hours. This will allow your passengers to plan their trips and find the most comfortable flight to make life easier.

    • COVID Travel Requirements
    • COVID-19 PCR and Rapid Testing
    • (COVID-19) Travel Updates
    *Source: Globenewswire
  • Feedback Collection

    reduction in operating costs with customer service automation *

    Manage customer feedback with an AI-powered chatbot. The Airport bot can be used as a feedback channel for passengers to leave feedback about their experience. This includes data collected about services, facility cleanliness, staff availability, or shops that the passenger would like to see at the airport. Use all the information you collect to improve the quality of the passengers’ experience.

    *Source: Venturebeat
  • Building Brand Loyalty

    of customers say they're more loyal to businesses that offer top-notch service *

    Provide a customer experience that builds brand loyalty. Airport сhatbot helps your customers manage their loyalty accounts by providing quality customer support with FAQ responses and reminding them to use their balance or rewards. As a result, companies can provide complete service in the conversation, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

    • Airport Branding
    • Rewards Programs
    *Source: Zendesk
  • Passenger Data Gathering

    of consumers are more likely to buy when brands offer personalized experiences *

    Build an individual relationship with each passenger. Before the start of conversation, the airport chatbot uses the passenger’s data to first understand his profile or persona, and then start communicating with him in the most effective and relevant way. This means that the content of the response is based on both flight and passenger data, providing highly personalized contextual responses.

    • Gathering Passenger Data
    • Offer More Personalized Experiences
    *Source: Epsilon

Save time and money with chatbot integrations

Save time and money with chatbot integrations

Ai-powered chatbot can be integrated with your customer service platform or any other 3rd party solution, even if it’s custom designed.

In order to offer an amazing customer experience, virtual assistants can provide personalized service and send requests to live agents who can smoothly enter the conversation.

Be available wherever your customers are

Be available wherever your customers are

Almost 76%* of users prefer sending a message instead of calling. Offer your customers services where they want to get it.

Conversational AI works on all the major voice and messaging platforms and can handle everything from simple FAQs to complex queries.

*Source: Mediapost

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Conversational AI Services

Master of Code Global provides an end-to-end list of services for any financial organization looking to enter or expand their conversational AI footprint.

  • Conversational AI Strategy Consultancy
  • Solution Review
  • Conversation Design
  • Finance Bot Development
  • System Integration

Conversational AI Strategy Consultancy

Defining a conversational strategy is important for long-term success, but is also challenging. A solid strategy requires both knowledge of the business as well as the landscape in which you - and your competition - are playing.

A strategist will help you plan your vision, review your data, prioritize the right use cases, create a roadmap, identify the right channels, and more. With an understanding of the banking and financial services sector, Master of Code Global is prepared to guide you through creating the optimal AI strategy for your needs, and setting you up for continued growth and expansion as your needs and the landscape continues to evolve.

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Solution Review

You’ve already realized that a conversational AI solution is a strength for any financial services business to have, allowing your customers to self-serve. But how do you mature to the next level?

The first step in planning that next step is to review your current solution from top to bottom - from persona to the use cases; from the technology to the underlying platform.

Planning for the next stage requires an understanding of where you are at today, and the Conversational Experts at Master of Code can review what’s there today, document it, and provide inputs to help define the strategy for tomorrow and beyond.

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Conversation Design

The strength of any self-service tool is how it engages with the customer. Do you want a basic service that can only do a handful of things, or do you want a virtual assistant that can do as much as a branch advisor or teller?

Master of Code’s dedicated team of Conversation Designers can help you expand your customers’ experience with your chatbot or voice assistant, making the bot feel like and truly represent your brand and your services. From FAQ automation to checking your balance, making a bill payment to applying for a credit card…

Our Designers can help map out your conversational use cases, taking into consideration all of the details that need to be part of the process, helping design an experience that gives your users the control that they want and desire when banking with you.

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Finance Bot Development

Master of Code’s bot development team can do the entire solution build - top to bottom. We work with the leading bot and hosting providers - Microsoft, AWS, Google, LivePerson, Glia, and more! - to implement the right solution for what you need, working within the tools you have or recommending the ideal solution for your financial institution, based on your needs.

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System Integration

A major success factor with any virtual assistant is being able to provide the user the right information at the right time. Many banking services are spread out over multiple systems, some of which are in the cloud and others on-premise. And in some cases the ability for the systems to talk to one another can be a struggle.

Master of Code Global’s experience includes extensive integrations with many different systems. Building this bridge between disconnected systems will provide your users with more opportunity for self-service, allowing them to take ownership of their financial activities.

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