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Elevate your business to new heights of success by harnessing our tailored strategies that directly tackle your pain points. Trust in our Generative AI consulting excellence to guide your company through this transformative journey to the vast pool of opportunities for growth.

Our Generative AI Consulting Services for Your Excellence

  • Prompt Computers

    Strategic AI Roadmapping

    Navigate your future with precision, leveraging our expertise to craft bespoke strategies that align with your current and long-term objectives. We turn your AI aspirations into executable plans, ensuring every step contributes to your overarching goals for innovation and expansion.

  • Opportunity Discovery & Assessment

    Find out more about the transformative potential within your operations as we identify and evaluate high-impact AI use cases. Our systematic approach assesses viability and value, guiding you toward technology investments that promise significant returns and strategic alignment.

  • Managed Services

    Ethics, Compliance & Security Insight

    We provide the clarity and foresight needed to navigate the complexities of deployment, safeguarding your projects against the multifaceted risks of today’s digital landscape. Ensure your AI initiatives stand on solid ground with our guidance on ethics, compliance, and security issues.

  • Robotic Process Automation

    Technology Advisory & Selection

    Optimize your AI journey with informed systems and models choices that drive success. We evaluate and recommend the ideal tools and frameworks tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring the whole infrastructure is robust, scalable, and poised for future advancements.

  • Predictive Modeling

    Advanced Data Insight & AI Modeling

    Unleash the power of your data with the profound analytics provided by our expert Generative AI consultants. We transform complex datasets into clear, actionable insights, laying a strong foundation for the following initiatives and driving informed decision-making across your organization.

  • AI Chatbot Development

    Deployment & System Integration

    Realize the full potential of artificial intelligence with our qualified deployment and integration services. We ensure your solutions are seamlessly embedded into the current operational ecosystem, delivering enhanced performance, streamlined workflows, and a tangible competitive edge.

  • Deep Learning

    AI Empowerment & Staff Training

    Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to excel in the AI-powered business field. Our comprehensive training and ongoing support initiatives build your internal capabilities, fostering a culture of continuous innovation and mastery within your organization.

What AI Solutions We Offer

  • Custom LLM Creation

    Developed with precision to meet specific industry needs, these models excel in processing and generating human-like language, adapting and evolving based on interactions and data inputs. They are instrumental in enhancing data analysis, automating customer service, and creating content that resonates with target audiences, all while continuously improving through ML techniques.

  • Tailored Gen AI Development

    Besides comprehensive Generative AI consulting, we also specialize in building bespoke solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. By leveraging cutting-edge techniques and a deep understanding of AI’s potential, we provide Generative AI development services to craft systems that not only address current challenges but also adapt to future demands, driving sustained innovation and value creation in your company.

  • Seamless GAI Integration

    This service enhances existing technological frameworks by integrating sophisticated capabilities of our Gen AI services, enabling businesses to transform their routine processes and scale. The integration is meticulously planned and executed, ensuring that AI tools seamlessly complement in-place systems, thereby maximizing productivity and encouraging a culture of constant growth.

  • Data Amplification and Synthesis

    Our approach involves creating high-quality, synthetic data that enhances the depth and diversity of training sets, crucial for machine learning consulting and development success. This service is key to overcoming verified information scarcity, enhancing model accuracy, and enabling more robust insight-driven decision-making processes in various contexts.

  • NLP & Deep Learning Solution

    We masterfully incorporate these solutions to analyze, interpret, and generate human language at an advanced level, extracting actionable intelligence from large, unstructured datasets. These capabilities enable businesses to automate complex processes, enhance customer interactions, and derive meaningful insights, thereby driving ultimate operational efficiency.

  • Computer Vision and Graphical Generation

    Our expertise allows machines to understand and interact with the visual world in unprecedented ways, facilitating applications such as automated quality inspection, enhanced user experiences, and the creation of new visual content. These services are underpinned by advanced algorithms and model training, ensuring accuracy and innovation in visual data processing.

  • ​​Reinforcement Learning and Simulation

    By developing models that learn optimal behaviors through trial and error within simulated environments, we enable companies to anticipate outcomes, optimize processes, and make data-informed decisions. This approach among our other Generative AI consulting services is vital for strategic planning, operational efficiency, and enhancing the adaptability of diverse systems to complex, real-world scenarios.

How Can Consulting Benefit Your Industry?

  • Manufacturing

    Optimize production lines, ensure proper quality control, and reduce waste through predictive maintenance as well as supply chain optimization. AI-driven solutions bring a new level of efficiency and productivity, significantly impacting the manufacturing landscape.

  • Healthcare

    Transform patient care with tailored predictive analytics, automated diagnostics, and personalized treatment plans. These innovations improve diagnostic accuracy, optimize medical clients’ data management, and elevate the overall standard of care.

  • Finance

    Revolutionize risk management, detect fraud with unprecedented accuracy, and personalize financial clients’ experiences. AI in banking leads to smarter decision-making, elevated security, and superior engagement or prospect and existing customers.

  • Retail

    Predict consumer trends, optimize inventory, and craft personalized marketing strategies with the help of advanced technology. These enhancements not only boost customer satisfaction but also drive operational efficiencies and sales growth in the retail sector.

  • Education

    Adopt AI to customize learning experiences, streamline administrative tasks, and analyze student performance. This shift promotes a more personalized, effective, and efficient educational environment, benefiting both teachers and scholars.

  • Transportation

    Improve logistics, safety, and fleet management using artificial intelligence to optimize routes, predict maintenance, and enhance operational decisions. Such advancements lead to more cost-effective and safer transportation systems.

  • Media

    In the entertainment sector, AI is revolutionizing the way content is curated and consumed, offering deep insights into viewer preferences. This way it enables automated, personalized recommendations that captivate audiences and enhance engagement.

  • Telecom

    AI transforms telcos’ operations by optimizing network efficiency, delivering personalized customer experiences, and predicting maintenance needs. Furthermore, the technology ultimately ensures uninterrupted service and higher satisfaction level.

  • Insurance

    This industry benefits from AI’s ability to provide accurate risk assessments, automate claims processing, and tailor policy offerings, significantly speeding up operations and enhancing the accuracy and customer experience.

  • Airports

    The airline sector harnesses AI to improve passenger experiences through streamlined flow and enhanced security, while also optimizing operational tasks. Such an approach leads to increased efficiency, safety, and satisfaction in airport management.

Showcasing Our AI Expertise Through Compelling Projects

Client Perspectives on the Value We Deliver

Conversational Design Consulting for Large Beauty Retail Co
The Project
  • developmentDigital Strategy
  • check$50,000 to $199,999
  • calendarOct. 2019 - May 2020
project summary

Master of Code Global analyzed data and collaborated with their partner to optimize a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Deliverables included chat flows, a guidebook, a blueprint, and copy for conversationa








Willing to Refer

The Review “Their experience really helped with our engagement. We now know how to support a channel like this.” Feedback summary

“Their experience really helped with our engagement. We now know how to support a channel like this.”Master of Code Global has a lot of experience and skill in chatbot design. They provded their partners with the necessary tools to create a high-quality chatbot. They were transparent and communicative as the project needed to be extended.

The reviewer Sr. Manager Digital Experience, Beauty Company
  • servicesRetail
  • mapBolingbrook, Illinois
  • employee10,001+ Employees
  • phonePhone Interviewquestion_mark
  • verifiedVerified
Facebook Chatbot Development for Beauty Line
The Project
  • developmentServices Custom Software Development
  • check$50,000 to $199,999
  • calendarJan. 2017 - Ongoing
project summary

Master of Code develops Facebook chatbots to support the company's promotions for in-store services as needed.








Willing to Refer

The Review “...the chatbot increased online bookings by 50%.” Feedback summary

“...the chatbot increased online bookings by 50%.”Master of Code not only provides extremely helpful chatbot features but also goes above and beyond to improve the user experience. Their services have had a significantly positive impact on the business, and their team continues to be great to work with overall.

The reviewer Assistant Manager of Consumer Engagement, Beauty Supply Company
  • servicesConsumer Products
  • mapMinneapolis, Minnesota
  • employee1,001-5,000 Employees
  • phonePhone Interview question_mark
  • verifiedVerified
Chatbot Development for Global Travel Company
The Project
  • development Custom Software Development
  • check$10,000 to $49,999
  • calendarNov. 2018 - Feb. 2019
project summary

Master of Code Global developed a Facebook chatbot for a travel company and integrated it with the company’s API, LiveChat, Google Maps, and Salesforce. The chatbot is accessible across multiple globa








Willing to Refer

The Review “The combination of their technical experience combined with their creative, out-of-the-box thinking set them apart.” Feedback summary

“The combination of their technical experience combined with their creative, out-of-the-box thinking set them apart.”The chatbot not only drove $500,000 in revenue within the first few months but also achieved 3X better conversion than the website and an 89% user response rate. Master of Code Global proved to be creative and technical experts in the chatbot space. They met deadlines and communicated

The reviewer VP of Digital Marketing, Luxury Escapes
user_icon Matt Meisner
  • servicesHospitality & leisure
  • mapAustin, Texas
  • employee201-500 Employees
  • phonePhone Interviewquestion_mark
  • verifiedVerified

Our Generative AI Consultancy Flow Is Simple and Client-Centric

Our customer-focused approach ensures that you're not just adopting technology but are also building a robust understanding of how generative solutions can transform your business. With Master of Code Global, you gain a partner committed to demystifying AI and aligning its potential with your strategic goals.

  • Step 1:

    Understanding Your Business Objectives

  • Step 2:

    AI Opportunity Assessment

  • Step 3:

    Strategy and Roadmap Development

  • Step 4:

    Knowledge Transfer and Advisory

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