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We develop and deploy
world-class chatbots that people actually
want to talk to
Here's why

  • We build chatbots for some of the biggest brands

    We provide full service chat and voice solutions. From business analysis and flow design to copy creation, complex backend integrations and enterprise grade launches.

  • Our bots are not only engaging, they’re intelligent

    Our dedicated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) teams will ensure your bot will answer your customer’s most common requests.

  • We build on the best bot platforms

    • Google Assistant
    • Skype
    • Slack
    • FB Messenger
    • Alexa
    • Telegram
    • Line
    • KIK
  • We’ll help you to connect and engage with your audience

    Our team of business analysts, conversational designers, technical leads and strategists will drive engagement, use advanced audience segmentation, data-driven measurement and build analytics to track your KPIs.

  • We make complex backend integrations simple

    From APIs to handover protocols, to connecting your bot to live agents, our team can leverage powerful programs to connect directly to your bot.

    • Facebook
    • Stripe Stripe
    • Liveperson Liveperson
    • Salesforce Salesforse
    • Zendesk Zendesk
    • Sprinklr

Our Featured Chatbots


We Offer Custom Integrations
to Suit your Business Needs

Chatbots can answer a number of requests, but sometimes humans may need to join the conversation. Whether you need your bot to search a knowledge base, connect to a CRM or offer a live agent handover, our technical team can make platform to platform transitions seamless.

Bot to Customer Support Agent Handovers Made Simple

For live chat integrations, the conversation can be passed from the bot to a human agent and stay in the bot experience the entire time. Say goodbye to clunky transitions and annoying pop-ups where users normally would have to wait for new tabs and windows to open. Our chatbots can help evaluate user messages and if the bot can’t address the query, a live chat agent can seamlessly and instantly take control of the conversation and address users directly.

Image: Bot to Consumer Handovers Made Simple

Our Chat Development Approach

We build smart, intuitive, complex, and engaging bots. We stay on top of the latest technologies and practices, rapidly incorporating our learnings into the bots we build.

LIUS API Dialogflow Alexa Skills Kit Recast AI IBM Watson Chatfuel Microsoft Bot Amazon Lex

We Leverage Leading Platforms
and NLP Tools to Build Intelligent Bots

What Others Say

  • Author

    Andrew Yaroshevsky Chatfuel

    Master of Code are a pleasure to deal with. They have established top expertise for developing chatbots on our platform. MOC’s team consistently delivers top-notch products for our clients and always beats expectations. All of it results in positive feedback and great experiences for our client’s users. We work with many development teams, and Master of Code are second to none in effective communication, problem solving, technical expertise, and overall project management.

  • Author

    Andreas Soellner LivePerson

    Special thanks to the Master of Code Team who have implemented the Agent Console based on the functional specification provided by Liveperson and throughout the process have been flexible, helpful and professional, going the extra mile to implement changes and fix issues during the testing phase.

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