Chatbot ROI Calculator

To calculate your Chatbot ROI, have a good understanding of your current customer support volume, number of agents and their cost per year

Chatbot automation rate
This is the percentage of the use cases that can be automated with the help of chatbot.
1% 40%
Bot type
The type of the bot is defined based on the use case.
Contact center team & chat volume
Agent hours
The number of hours your average agent spends on the customer support work per month.
Number of agents
The number of live agents in your customer support team.
Agent cost
The budget your business spends on the customer support team.
Resolution time
The average time taken by the support agent to resolve the ticket once it is open.
Tickets vol.
The average number of tickets processed by your business customer support team.
From $0
Service cost savings per year
0h. From 16,000h.
Agent hours saved
0min. From 5.0min.
Resolution time decreased by
0 From 960,000
Ticket volume decreased by

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Additional benefits of Conversational AI

  • 24/7 support for your customers
  • Increase customer resolutions without increasing headcount
  • Automate multiple business processes
  • Get data analytics of customer inquiries to action strategic decision making
  • Solve common and repetitive customer pain points
  • Enrich CX and increase CSAT
  • Support an unlimited number of customers in real-time
  • Empower your live agents with improved workflows and productivity
  • Generate and qualify leads automatically
20% boost in CSAT
$11 M+ Savings of per year in agent costs
200% Uptick in agent efficiency

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