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MyHome was launched in 2018 as a mobile-based application in Kuwait to connect customers with verified home services providers.

  • Duration: 3.5 years
  • Team size: 17-22 masters
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  • 40+

    Services MyHome offers in Kuwait and UAE
  • 60+

    App installations per day
  • 200K+

    App installations in total


MyHome was founded by Abdullah Marafi, Mohammad Alawadhi and Bader Altukhaim who noticed that ordering home services was often a difficult and frustrating process. The opportunity was to streamline the industry by bringing it online. The founders brought together a team of top-notch software engineers to build a platform that would enhance customer experience. They used cutting-edge technology to create a platform that would make it easy for customers to book and pay for home services online.

MyHome quickly gained traction and attracted a loyal customer base. Customers love the convenience and ease of use of the platform.

MyHome continues to grow and expand its offerings to include a wide range of home services. The company remains committed to its founding mission of providing top-quality home services with an exceptional customer experience.

The project activity included:

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    iOS and Android apps

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    Landing page

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    Admin panel

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    Quality Assurance

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    Product support

Once started with Kuwait only, now the App is available in:

  • Kuwait


  • UAE


Technology Stack

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    Owasp Zap

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The MOC team began working on the platform starting from the MVP stage and continued then in incremental feature-by-feature phases. Each development cycle lasted for about 1-2 months and consisted of new features development for all users types and optimization for the entire system.


What We Created

We’ve developed from scratch iOS and Android applications that are managed from the admin panel for better end-users’ support. Applications allow to easily create jobs for different technicians and pay for their work from the system. Once work is started, end-users can check work status and rate provided service

Technicians can manage their workload in the app and check work history.

Admins can work with job management, invoices, statistics, add new services and providers from the web admin panel.

Integration with marketing tools helps to create marketing campaigns for targeting groups of users and get more customers with relevant offers.

Constant improvements to the system allowed MyHome to provide users with new features to make them every time even more efficient.

Our latest updates include the UI improvements of the current system to make it easy for the customers to navigate what they’re looking for. We included a list of the top vendors to help to choose the best service providers with easy access to the offers on the top of the home screen.


All these systems can be used with either English or Arabic languages

Our Challenges

To connect all these platforms together we face the following challenging moments:

  • Support of several countries, time zones, and providers
  • Support of the local payment systems
  • Updating system statistics and exported files with new parameters and filters
  • Support of the “right to left” user interface
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  • Support of the different admin roles
  • Customizing Working Hours settings
  • Custom Search with an automatic calculation for popular results for each end-user and city
  • Performance and load testing

Quality Assurance

Over the course of the entire platform development, the project included the full set of quality assurance best practices.

Those included:

  • Functional testing - testing of all possible cases for the new features
  • Unit testing - testing of the functionalities linked with each other and checking their effect on the components
  • White box - API requests testing according to technical requirements
  • Load testing - checking system capabilities after major releases
  • Regression testing - overall system checkup after major releases
  • Requirements testing - used for better requirements understanding
  • Smoke testing - testing for quick fixes
  • Performance and load testing
  • Security testing

Additionally, user feedback was put at the top priority thought the entire roadmap definition and prioritization.

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Customers and Product Support

By using the 'Customer Support' button in the app, the user can connect to a customer support specialist via Zendesk or call the agent to get a consultation. Master of Code Global continues working on new features and optimizations to make the app more convenient for the end-users.

To better understand the end-users the MOC team also visited Kuwait and ran field explorations.

Our experience with Master of Code has been fantastic so far. Feedback from customers has been great, and our functionality is good. Regarding their quality of work and code, it’s better than anything we’ve seen before. They even gave us UI/UX best practices.


Master of Code Global created an easy-to-use service with a user-friendly interface for booking and paying professionals for home services

  • 40+

    Services MyHome offers in Kuwait and UAE
  • 60+

    App installations per day
  • 20K+

    Active users per month

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