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The crowd funding platform of the Catholic church, sponsoring missions all over the world.

The platform ​​connects you with communities around the world and helps you make a direct and lasting impact on the lives of others. It currently has 112 active projects and has already impacted over 26M people.

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How can we forge an enhanced avenue for facilitating meaningful connections between people and charity missions, thereby elevating the engagement quotient to unprecedented heights?

The organization sought innovative and contemporary approaches to captivate a larger audience of philanthropically inclined individuals, entice their support for charitable initiatives, and enrich their engagement with the cause.

What We Created


Users had the option to make a donation through Stripe in order to request a mass. The entire experience was seamlessly integrated into FB Messenger, ensuring that all involved parties received timely notifications and reminders, enabling swift and effortless responses.


The primary highlight of the project involved users being able to request a mass, which would then be relayed to a list of priests who would conduct the mass on a specified date and time.


Master of Code developed a bilingual chatbot capable of connecting sponsors with their desired charity projects. The chatbot facilitated communication in both English and Spanish languages.

In addition, the chatbot boasted a range of supplementary functionalities, including:

  • Comprehensive catalog

    Comprehensive catalog of active charity projects, accompanied by detailed descriptions of their respective goals. Users could conveniently subscribe to receive updates on their chosen projects.

  • Monthly challenge subscription

    Empowering users to make a recurring $10 donation each month, thereby fostering a consistent contribution towards the cause.

  • Collaborative prayer feature

    Enabling users to engage in collective prayer alongside the chatbot, selecting specific occasions for spiritual unity.

  • Daily wisdom provision

    Daily wisdom provision, delivering insightful and inspiring messages to navigate through each day with renewed strength and purpose.

  • Catholic knowledge quiz

    Designed to test and expand users' understanding of Catholicism, promoting intellectual enrichment.

  • Activities

    Special activities during specific holidays, such as quests and challenges, allowing participants to accumulate points and receive rewards from the organization, augmenting their overall involvement and motivation.

  • News

    Mission news - latest news from succesful projects to pressing global crises and issues.


How We Did It

We carefully designed an interactive conversational journey for seamless mobile use, providing users an easy chatbot experience. Using top conversation design, we ensured maximum ease and engagement, leading to highly favorable outcomes.

Support and Fresh Audience Engagement

Following the successful launch of the chatbot, we extended our support to the project for a period of 1.5 years. Collaborating closely with the organization, we devised a compelling paid social media campaign on Facebook, targeting and captivating a fresh audience unfamiliar with the brand.

Features and Mission Project Awareness

Furthermore, our joint efforts focused on ideating and implementing new features and dedicated events that effectively heightened awareness surrounding mission projects while simultaneously generating funds to support them.

Technologies We Leveraged

Backend Tech Stack
mission_node_icon Node JS
mission_ts_icon Typescript
mission_aws_icon AWS
mission_chatfuel_icon Chatfuel
mission_luis_icon PowerBi for analytics
mission_powerbi_icon LUIS
Internal Integrations and Technologies
  • Conversation Design
  • Custom Bot API
  • Organizations API for projects list
Services Integrations
  • Facebook Conversations API
  • Facebook Broadcasting API
  • Stripe API

The Results

Master of Code dedicated 1,5 years of its expertise and efforts to this project.

  • 174k+
    Users engaged with the bot
  • 6,968
    Masses were requested
  • $84,500
    Were made from donations via the bot
  • 26 Campaigns
    Were launched via the bot holiday specific functionality?

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