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Financial Services Investing in Conversational AI Solutions

A multi-billion dollar financial services company, with offices across the United States, requested Conversational AI consulting.

The company operates in the consumer finance and insurance industries. One business unit primarily focuses on providing personal loans to customers with limited access to traditional lenders, such as banks and credit card companies. A separate business unit has a strong portfolio of insurance products available to customers.

The company prides itself on customers feeling like a part of the family. Wanting to expand upon their customer-first approach to business, they identified investing in conversational AI as the next step in offering a greater level of customer care.

CAI Workshop


Starting as conversational AI novices, the challenge was learning how to build expertise internally in order to augment digital strategic initiatives. The customer had a desire to develop several AI-powered chatbots for multiple business units within their organization. The objective was for an automated solution to provide 24/7 support coverage to users and answer simple questions and inquiries, providing escalation services to live agents for more complex issues, resulting in a more optimal customer experience and reducing load and wait times to engage with a support agent.

The company wanted to upgrade their support offerings for their customers and recognized that designing, developing, and launching a chatbot was highly complex. They needed an experienced partner to fully realize their conversational AI strategy.

Master of Code provided Conversational AI consulting and equipped the company with the skills required to leverage their deep subject matter expertise throughout design and implementation. We combined the strength of the company’s industry knowledge, with our unique Master of Code training tools and processes, to result in an optimal chatbot experience for the customer.

The Conversational AI Consulting

Master of Code created customized workshops to train each business unit on how to design, build and launch chatbots in their organization. Each team led 16 hours of workshops and were divided into two phases: Conversation Design training and technical implementation.
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Design Training

The Conversation Design training was to identify customer pain points, prioritize use cases, and learn how to design conversational flows.
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Implementation Workshops

The technical implementation workshops were to show the business units how to build, launch, deploy, and update conversational solutions, utilizing the technology stack already in place within their organization.
CAI Workshop
As part of this Conversational AI consulting, Master of Code developed exercises and tasks to help the stakeholders create business artifacts, such as Tone of Voice and Persona documentation. These artifacts could be used as “sources of truth” to refer to as they moved through the process of creating their own chatbots.
CAI Workshop
With guidance at every step of the process, utilizing a hands-on review and feedback approach, Master of Code verified their flows and technical implementation was set up for success and upheld our level of excellence. In turn, the business was able to make sure that the bots aligned with their digital strategy goals and previously identified pain points.
Once the workshops were completed, Master of Code continued to offer support, Conversational AI consulting, and guidance as the company continued to expand their bots’ functionality and features. Keeping the support loop open is part of our enterprise consultation process. Our team was on hand to provide both conversation design and technical assistance, pre- and post-launch.

Technologies We Leveraged

Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft QnA Maker

Microsoft LUIS

Microsoft Azure



With the help of Conversational AI consulting by Master of Code, the company was empowered to enter the conversational AI space, launching two chatbots. Through the conversation design training, workshops, and tasks, Master of Code taught the company stakeholders the required skill stacks to complete the project.

The Conversation Design Stack:

Analyze data Prioritize use cases Develop user journey maps Create conversational flows and dialogs
Create an NLP matrix Implement cognitive service tools Build a framework for supporting the chatbots after deployment Scale for future use cases
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Having been involved in every part of the design and implementation, the company was confident in the return on investment in partnering with Master of Code for training them on how to design, develop, and launch conversational solutions.

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