What Is a Chatbot: 5 Facts You Should Know About Chatbot Development

calendar Updated April 25, 2024
Maryna Stavnycha
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What Is a Chatbot: 5 Facts You Should Know About Chatbot Development

On the beginning of the century nobody known what are AI chatbots, but now they are becoming increasingly popular, especially in recent months. It’s important to note that its popularity growth depends not only on the variety of smart bots.

What Is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a type of trained humanoid that can substitute a large number of people and save your money. In other words, we can say that chatbots are the special services that had been created by using artificial intelligence and fixed pathways.

A lot of business people have understood that they can profit with a qualitative chatbot:

bot development profits

So what we need to know about chatbots, their abilities, and development?

Chatbots and bot platforms become in demand in the process of development different kinds of messengers. Many worlds leading specialists agreed that soon messengers will be a dead duck without an embedded chatbot.

The classic historic early chatbots are ELIZA (1966) and PARRY (1972)

Today, everyone may interact with chatbots via a messenger interface. The most popular chatbot platforms are Facebook Messenger, Instagram business account, Slack, Telegram, Apple iMessage etc.
A lot of people have had both negative and positive experience about this type of conversation. If you are a business owner and have an online store or customized service you must know more about the facts and capabilities of chatbots.

Nevertheless, let’s show you what you should know about this smart service.

A Chatbot Is the Marketing Tool of a New Generation

This robotic system can answer different questions.

Simple: about the forecast, popular films or availability of free tickets to the theater.

Complicated: customer oriented questions.

To deepen your understanding, we can have a look at the H&M clothing company experience as an example. This bot will ask you a list of questions about your preferred clothing style. As a result, you can get the most suitable items based on your preferences. In reality, you could hire a personal stylist to get the best advice. But even he or she may not meet your expectations.

Pros of having a chatbot for business:

Can sell your products as opposed to you selling your products.

Technically more clever and available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Bots accumulate the knowledge they receive and become smarter and more flexible after every conversation with the client.

Сan find the necessary information in a huge database array much quicker than a specially trained person.

Chatbots Are Always Ready to Learn

If your bot is an AI chatbot it will always try to know more about a user. Oftentimes business owners want to use AI chatbot because it has such qualities that are difficult to find in real people:


attention to detail;

instant analysis of the interlocutor and an assessment of his needs and desires.

AI chatbots use data for learning. They learn to assess their work results to make conclusions and to self-improve.

chatbot ai

But still, the “mind” of it is usually strictly limited to the algorithm given above. However, a bot with a neural network  AI, working on the principle “the question at the input – the answer at the output” is theoretically unlimited.

A Chatbot Can Make the Payment Process Easier

For easy understanding, we can take a look at FaceBook Messenger. According to Facebook’s head of Messenger, David Marcus:

Developers and businesses have built over 30,000 bots for Messenger. We’ve boarded over 34,000 developers, and we’ve just recently updated our Platform Policy to improve engagement and retention for interactions between people and businesses on Messenger…. Moving forward, we are also simplifying the payment and checkout experience in order to reduce the overall friction between wanting something and getting it. People can use their payment information already stored on Messenger and Facebook to check out faster in Messenger threads.

Thanks to bot development today you can use a chatbot as a payment tool. In a few clicks, smart service will manage a transaction for you. That’s a pretty incredible thing.

What Programming Languages Are Used to Develop Chatbots

The answer is simple: any. Yup, the developer is free to choose any of chatbot programming language. It depends on the supported APIs. Messengers such as FaceBook, Telegram, and Slack support various languages for development on their platforms. Here you can find the list of programming languages for AI.

According to the techworld.com, these are the six best platforms for developers to create a chatbot:

bot building platforms

How You Can Use Chatbots in Your Business

At a conference for F8 developers in Facebook has been the release of a new API for working with Messenger. The API allows brands to interact with clients using chatbots, which has created a stir.

Plenty of world famous brands has already gained an experience of using chatbots. Reviews show that chatbot success all depends on the goals and tasks. Bots can help to automatize some services of the customer support department. Of course, they can’t supersede live people.

What they really help with:

chatbot's options

In conclusion, we are the witnesses of the chatbot epoch beginning. The capabilities of these robotic systems are increasing from day to day. Learn more information about artificial intelligence and think about using a smart AI bot in your business processes. Who knows, maybe in a short period of time you will improve your company due to your smart robotic assistant.

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