Business Process Automation Solution for a Non-Profit Political Movement

A CRM solution with an advanced disaster recovery plan for a US political organization

This political movement, initiated in 2013, has rapidly expanded across the United States. It boasts millions of supporters and has garnered petition signatures from residents in every state legislative district. This widespread support underscores its active engagement in all 50 states, aiming to organize a gathering to propose key constitutional amendments.


How did we help this political movement better manage the volunteers’ activities, load, and tasks?

6 years ago, the client contacted Master of Code Global to assist with the development tasks. They lacked a convenient solution to automate manual routine processes. Also, being dissatisfied with the annual expenses on National Builder – their previous CRM system – the organization was searching for an alternative. One more challenge was to find a tech partner capable of top-notch systems implementation, as well as experienced with specific APIs tailored for political needs.

What We Created


What We Created

Master of Code has developed a custom CRM system for effective management of volunteers across the USA

Diving into the project's genesis, our journey began when the client, previously utilizing National Builder, opted for a tailor-made solution to enhance their operational efficiency. We started with the Legislator Management System (LMS), a modest automation endeavor that blossomed into six years of fruitful collaboration.

Our dedicated team at MOCG meticulously developed the end-to-end CRM system in two years. Since that moment, we have been ensuring its continuous evolution, scalability, and resilience in the face of high workloads and potential cybersecurity threats such as DDoS attacks and data breaches.


A cornerstone of our solution is the robust Disaster Recovery Plan. Engineered to counteract severe incidents like service downtimes, hacking, or hosting disruptions, this plan guarantees a swift recovery within 2-4 hours, ensuring zero data loss. We've established dual mirrored systems across different hosting providers, with one system in standby mode, ready to take over if the primary one falters. This seamless failover mechanism warrants that, in the event of an emergency, DNS rerouting swiftly activates the backup server, maintaining the uninterrupted availability of the service.

Integrated Politics-Tailored APIs: 

  • VoterVoice VoterVoice
  • Open States Open States
  • kuberMelisa Searchnetes Melisa Search
  • Gotowebinars Gotowebinars

Technologies We Leveraged

  • Ruby Ruby (Rails)
  • Laravel PHP (Laravel)
  • Vue Vue
  • MailChimp MailChimp
  • ElasticSearch ElasticSearch
  • K8s K8s
  • Redis Redis
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Jenkins Jenkins
  • Prometheus Prometheus &
  • SDK iOS/Android
  • Map Google Map
  • Twilio Twilio
  • Mandrill Mandrill


  • 6+

    years of fruitful
    collaboration and support
  • 1

    MOCG is the only dedicated
    tech service provider
  • 4

    niche APIs were
    seamlessly integrated 

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