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Blockchain Web Application for Selling NFTs/Tokens

AlphaGuilty is an infrastructure for community engagement and growth that consists of: quest platform, accelerator and launcher.

AlphaGuilty is designed to help users improve their cryptocurrency portfolios across multiple blockchain networks. As a multichain ecosystem, AlphaGuilty may allow users to trade and manage their cryptocurrency investments across different blockchains in a single platform, which can make it easier to diversify their portfolios and access a wider range of investment opportunities.

The Challenge

The main goal was to create the platform that will cover marketing/fundraising activities for projects, bring awareness about a project to a blockchain community and help founders to sell their collections. AlphaGuilty is not only a market space, but also a service that offers a range of other features to enhance the user experience, such as educational resources and social networking tools, such as quests and referral programs.

What We Created


What We Сreated

Master of Code has worked on the designs of the web and mobile versions of the platform, was responsible for the technical delivery of the project, starting from the planning, project architecture, frontend and backend development, database design, analytics tracking, testing and debugging. Master of Code has worked on the MVP version development and launch.

The Platform Features We've Developed



Is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based launchpad for tokens and NFTs. It has unique Pay for Allocation (P4A) mechanics for whitelist spots with transparent and fair set of rules, which allows guaranteed allocations distribution. The mechanics allow users to compete for allocation by staking $AG tokens in a free market environment, thus setting fair deal conditions for each project.



A marketing tool for crypto projects with impact-based reward distribution system, which allows to earn crypto, allocations, gifts from AlphaGuilty & Partners with $0 investments. Points for tasks completion are gained not only by completing the tasks, but by user influence across social medias. The mechanism filter bots accounts and unable them to climb higher than real people in the scoreboard.



A unique multi level referral system, that will bring value for anyone who has engaged in the community. The program consists of several levels with different volume requirements and additional rewards for reaching a certain level.



Educational resources space with Blog articles and Videos. AlphaAcademy was developed to bring educational value to AlphaGuilty community.

what we did image
what we did

How We Did It

The platform started with an amazing idea from one of our valued clients. Our expert team meticulously analyzed and researched the concept to ensure that all the unique requirements were met. From there, the idea transformed into a compelling proof of concept, and eventually developed into a fully-functional MVP. Our top-notch MOC team dedicated over a year to this project before seamlessly transitioning it over to a skilled AlphaGuilty in-house development team for continued expansion, maintenance, and ongoing support.

Technologies We Leveraged

Backend Tech Stack

  • node

    Node JS

  • typescript


  • express


  • typeform


  • web3


  • aws



  • react


  • node_js

    Node JS

  • typescript


  • appolo


  • wagmi_sh

  • formik


  • mui


  • wordpress


  • graphql



  • discord_api

    Discord API

  • twilio


  • twiter_api

    Twitter API

  • telegram_api

    Telegram API

Web3 providers

  • meta_mask


  • meta_mask


The Results

The AlphaGuilty team has successfully employed a range of dynamic marketing strategies to integrate diverse blockchain projects into our platform, which in turn has sparked an incredible surge in user interest. Our efforts have proven fruitful, resulting in a vast array of innovative and exciting offerings on our platform, and a rapidly growing community of engaged and enthusiastic users.

  • 200K

    Total Unique Users since December 2022

  • 40

    AlphaQuest projects launched since December 2022

  • 57K

    AlphaQuest tasks done by users since December 2022

  • 15K

    Accounts registered since February 2023

  • 10K

    Weekly Active Users

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