Why We Work with the Shopify Platform

calendar Updated July 19, 2024
Svitlana Tsymbal
Former Tech Support Specialist
Why We Work with the Shopify Platform

Provided you’ve chosen the right store promotion strategy, Shopify helps sell your goods to easily. The main purpose of each store owner is to earn as much money as possible. This can be achieved by sending promotional emails to store visitors with a proposal to buy something. Buy this fantastic product! – store owners scream in these emails. However, to tell the truth, the majority of these emails don’t bring the expected reactions.

An impulsive purchase is a spontaneous one, and it’s usually motivated by a need of an immediate self-gratification. After the first purchase, a person gets more receptive to buy something more. The main idea of our app is to offer upsell after the main order is completed. Embellish your product with a discount label to show a profit from a purchase. And wait for results.

Our team has already developed two Shopify apps which have significantly increased sales for stores which installed our apps. One app suggests buying upsell after the main purchase, and the other one creates beautiful sell pages to promote your products wisely. We’ve improved our app keeping in mind the expectations of the target audience and the store owners feedback. To my mind, an effective communication with your target audience and a desire to do your best are the main components of all great products.

I want to share some statistics which confirms that the app really helps to earn money.

Our app has processed more than 68,000 orders with offers and earned more than $ 1,720 000 extra money totally for all stores during the period of 10 months.

These TOP-3 Stores Have Received Significant Results Thanks to Using Our App:

Store 1 has been using the app for seven months.


16.6% purchases with offers, more than 16,700 orders with offers, more than $ 612,000 extra money on upsell purchases ($3,000 upsell revenue per day!).

Store 2 has been using the app for seven months.


18% purchases with offers, more than 5,500 orders with offers, more than $ 130,000 extra money on upsell purchases.

Store 3 has been using the app for two months.


11%  of purchases with offers, more than 1,000 orders with offers, more than $ 65,700 extra money on upsell purchases.

The team which has been working on the project had a small experience with Shopify in the beginning. As for today, Shopify app developers at Master of Code acquired a solid experience and a base to create cool Shopify apps.

Analyzing revenue data I see what amazing results team efforts to make a great product have given. Sometimes I imagine what a feeling of elation some store owners have when they see their revenue for a week. At that moment, I feel joy as I am also involved in this.

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