Top Telecom Virtual Assistant Case Study

America’s largest and fastest provider for 5G network in the telecommunications industry.

This telecommunications brand is America's Un-carrier that provides a nationwide 5G network offering reliable coverage, covering more than 315 million Americans. They offer affordable plans and a large selection of wireless devices, such as smartphones, watches, tablets, and accessories.

  • 45%

    containment rate in one-time
    payment and AutoPay experience

  • 1.1M+

    conversations engaged
    with the bot

  • 73%

    Netflix experience
    containment rate


How do we utilize AI and ML emerging technologies to reimagine their digital customer engagements, increase automation, and improve customer experiences across all touchpoints​?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the telecom brand saw an influx of customer service requests and a need for an automated service option for their customers. Many customers would experience long wait times to connect with a live Expert via phone or live chat. They were looking to create faster, more efficient self service experiences for customers that could in turn reduce wait times and improve CSAT and NPS. With everyday requests being handled by the assistant, live Experts could focus on more complex customer issues.

What we created


An empathetic, user-centric conversational solution

The telecom brand reached out to Master of Code to support and augment their internal Digital AI team’s virtual assistant with strategic roadmapping, use case prioritization, conversation design services, bot tuning, and conversational AI consulting.

The brand launched a web/app chat solution and since May 2020 has more than 40+ use cases, ranging from FAQ based experiences to transactional ones that offer end-to-end self service.

Through applying our conversation design process on the project, we employed regular data analysis and conversation reviews to address user pain points and optimize existing ones.

After 24 months in production the virtual assistant offers complex use cases that allow customers to:

  • Make a one-time payment on their bill
  • Setup or manage their mobile services
  • Qualify for a payment arrangement
  • Manage their mobile plan and add-ons
  • Sign up or manage their automated bill payments
  • Add a line or upgrade their device

These transactional use cases allow users to complete each action autonomously without the support of a human agent, unless requested.

Designing the experience


Additionally, the telco virtual assistant has more than 70+ intents including FAQ and support intents around plans, services, promotions, and troubleshooting that give quick answers and help point customers in the right direction.

The support topic intents we helped create are also unauthenticated experiences that allow users to get quick information from troubleshooting to how-to’s without having to authenticate. From there, if a customer decides to make a transaction such as a payment, update or upgrade then the bot asks them to authenticate.

Services we performed

  • Our team employed our conversation design methodology to create feature rich and engaging experiences
  • Authentication to provide a more contextual user experiences
  • API integration for multiple intents (one-time payment, upgrade device, add a line) to allow self-service and make digital transactions within the chatbot
  • Custom event tracking for reporting
  • Our bot tuners used robust Natural Language Understanding training with real customer phrases
  • Capturing data points during the conversation so we don’t have to ask again​
  • Logging conversations so the history is available to review​ by an Expert in escalated
  • Leveraged asynchronous chat that allow customers to pick up where they left off​


  • 45% containment rate in one-time
    payment and AutoPay
    containment rate in one-time payment and
    AutoPay experience
  • 73% containment rate in
    Netflix experience
    containment rate in Netflix experience
  • 1.1М+ conversations
    engaged with the bot
    conversations engaged with the bot
  • 64% containment rate in
    Paramount Plus experience
    containment rate in Paramount Plus
  • 62% containment rate in Device
    Protection experience
    containment rate in Device Protection

What’s next?

As Master of Code continues to help our partnered telecommunication brand work through their roadmap, we plan to share our expertise to help them migrate over to the Google Dialogflow platform, add new channels such as Apple Messages for Business and Google Business Messages, and create more contextual and transactional experiences.

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