OneClickUpsell Application Case Study

Generative AI-powered multifunctional solution for pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell

OCU’s story started more than 8 years ago from the development of a post-purchase one-click-upsell application and resulted in a cutting-edge product that drives revenue and average order value for Shopify-based stores worldwide.

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Where we began:

How did our post-purchase app evolve into a convenient multifunctional instrument for Shopify merchants?

Master of Code Global identified a gap in the e-commerce market, leading to the creation of OneClickUpsell application for Shopify. Designed to boost average order values and revenue, OCU was the first app on Shopify PlayMarket to offer one-click post-purchase upsells, allowing customers to add additional products seamlessly. This innovative solution enabled merchants to enhance their sales without disrupting the customer's buying flow, setting new benchmarks in e-commerce efficiency.


Valerii Stadnyk

Director of Engineering

The product's journey began with a single store's request to customize their checkout process. This task proved challenging, as we were pioneering a solution that didn't previously exist on the platform and faced unexpected obstacles. Yet, the team's determination yielded results that inspired us to create an app accessible to any store. Six months later, on 03/23/2016, we released the first version of the product, which quickly gained recognition. Its success is a testament to the team's dedication, their creative approach to product design, and their willingness to tackle complex, innovative challenges.

How has our product developed over 8 years?

To avoid becoming outdated in the face of emerging apps, we continuously expanded OCU's functionalities to cover every stage of the shopping experience—from a customer's first visit through to the successful transaction and beyond into post-purchase activities.

A key aspect of OneClickUpsell’s sustained success has been our robust integration strategy. We established numerous connections with other popular apps in the Shopify Market, ensuring that OCU not only complements but enhances the ecosystem of tools available to merchants. Additionally, we are dedicated to the continuous support and timely updating of these integrations. This approach addresses the need for adaptability due to updates from third-party products, ensuring that OCU consistently operates at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Introducing Generative AI component

In January 2024, to overcome the limitations of Shopify's built-in AI, Master of Code Global developed a proprietary AI model from scratch for OneClickUpsell. This innovation significantly boosted merchants’ interest in our product. During the first month, the application generated around $6,000 upsell revenue, while during March the AI model beat this result and generated already $41,000. OCU’s upsell revenue increases by approximately 160% each month.

OneClickUpsell’s Gen AI enhances the shopping experience through:

  • Dynamic Product Offerings: An item-to-item algorithm dynamically generates personalized upsell options based on cart contents.
  • Assistance for Newbie Merchants: Guides new store owners through upselling best practices and market nuances.
  • Simultaneous Split Testing: Tests up to four items at once to optimize product offerings
  • Automated Product Descriptions: Generates tailored overviews based on product names and types with the help of our OpenAI-based algorithm.

OCU is also the first post-purchase one-click upsell app integrated with Shopify's Shop App, continuously evolving with features like driver maps to stay ahead in the market.

Technologies We Leveraged

  • Shopify Platform
  • DevOps
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • icon Theme extensions
  • icon Checkout UI extensions
  • icon Shopify functions
  • icon Post-purchase extensions
  • icon REST
  • icon GraphQL
  • icon Bulk
  • icon Bulk APIs
  • icon AWS
  • icon RDS
  • icon ElasticCache
  • icon CloudFront
  • icon S3
  • icon Docker
  • icon EKS
  • icon TypeScript
  • icon JavaScript
  • icon Vue.js
  • icon React-Native
  • icon Webpack
  • icon Esbuild
  • icon Gulp.js
  • icon Ruby
  • icon Rails
  • icon Sinatra
  • icon Grape
  • icon Node.js
  • icon Python


  • 10-50%

    increase in average order value

  • $700M+

    upsell revenue generated with OCU

  • 11K+

    active users (stores) monthly

  • 16%

    average conversion rate

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