eBags is a mobile application designed to provide a mobile shopping experience for eBags (largest bags retailer in the world) customers. The app features cool visual product search algorythms to match products by pictures taken by customers of similar products they have seen elsewhere (on the street, online etc.) The app also serves as a mobile interface to eBags inventory shopping. Customers can also benefit from easy use push notifications designed for discounted shopping based on different sales events.

  • Connected tags
    Connected tags

    feature gives the ability to add a tag to luggage with digital owner’s contact information included. And a bag will never lose its owner!

  • Visual Search
    Visual Search

    When the perfect bag passes by, the match can be found on eBags store by snapping a picture and picking from the gallery.

  • Steal of the day
    Steal of the day

    There is no way to miss a great deal with the Alerts option.

  • eBags Obsession
    eBags Obsession

    Analyzing likes and dislikes to make recommendations that help to find the perfect handbag.


The project comprised two phases: ecommerce apps development and eBags Connected Tags. Master of Code gave the mission to 7 masters, and they completed it brilliantly and just in time. The launch of eBags app was expected to be done in 2,5 month. The project activity included:

  • iOS ecommerce app development
  • Android ecommerce app development
  • Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project management

Connected Tags phase needed 2,2 months to be implemented .


In ecommerce app development, you really need to make sure the architecture is perfect. If something seems not obvious, tricky to the customer, or doesn’t work well enough, he will not make an order. So we made a detailed wireframe:


After discussing details with the our UI/UX designer, we worked on the prototype:


What We Created

One of the major stumbling blocks has been UI. The design was made mostly by a web expert from the client’s side. Our job was to make it adapted to mobile with a tight schedule that the eBags team dictated.


Master’s comment

We have made a custom menu widget. The main challenge was to make the blur for background image work fast and correctly for all SoC architectures.

Serhii Yaremych — Android Developer

Working with the eBags app backend, we used Go language for push notifications dispatching.


Master’s comment

Complex system of notifications required specific server configuration. Go technology allows to create cross-platform scalable solution that can be easily integrated into existing eBags infrastructure.

Glib Dobzhanskyi — VP of Engineering

The customer planned to carry out a paid advertising campaign, so we connected Appsflyer to assess the effectiveness of the campaign. This tool allows connecting product application activity (including committed purchases) with the method of installation of the application (the user can find the app in the AppStore or follow the ad campaign link).

During the ecommerce app development process, we were using Parse for sending notifications, but it closed soon, so we had to look for an alternative.


Master’s comment

We used Firebase for sending notifications, despite only one month since the feature was announced for iOS. It caused difficulties during the development because of unsatisfied documentation and some bugs on Firebase side, but it became one of the most popular notification services

Anton Popovichenko — iOS Developer

The full technology bundle: PCSSO API, Android SDK, eBags API, iOS SDK.

  • Duration

    3 months
  • Team size

    7 people
  • Platform

    iOS, Android
  • Industry

    Retail and E-commerce
  • Website



  • pagination-wrap Android SDK Android SDK
  • pagination-wrap iOS SDK iOS SDK

Android SDK iOS SDK


The first phase was launched on March 4, and the Connected tags was released on August 20. After almost 8 months, eBags app was installed more than 40k times.



To make the ecommerce app work even smoother, after eBags v1.0, we have launched the 1.5 version with some improvements.


Master’s comment

There was a feature in the app, setting notifications by interested types or brands of goods, but it wasn't used much. That's why we decided to add default notifications. Now, users get "Steal of the day" notifications about featured steals.

Alexandr Afanasiev — iOS Developer

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