Why choose Master of Code to develop your chatbot

calendar Updated November 14, 2023
Viktoriia Tymoshchuk
Project Manager
Why choose Master of Code to develop your chatbot

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    • The MoC team is keen on developing qualitative and user-friendly chatbot solutions that ensure retention rates of up to 70 percent with active users’ re-engagement techniques offered.
  • Having developed chatbots for a dozen global companies and brands like TechCrunch, Sacramento Kings, Complex, Denver Broncos and National Geographic, MOC professionals have gained valuable experience in developing competitive and scalable chatbot projects.
  • Our company is happy to offer cross-platform solutions based on the most popular and demanded social messengers: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, KiK, Line and Slack.
  • Along with product quality, MoC provides effective chatbot support packages based on the client’s personal needs and requirements with Lite, Pro and Expert plans as well as hourly support services on-demand.
  • It is important for our team to stay up-to-date with the latest tendencies of a chatbot world, so we not only follow the most popular chatbot media, but think and try to innovate on our own. Check out the MoC blog, where we share our professional insights: https://masterofcode.com/blog.
  • We are aware of the importance of NLP and NLU in a quality chatbot and make sure every chatbot we build is intelligent and self-learning. We are working with the industry-pioneering tools in this area, including Google Cloud Natural Language API, Microsoft Cognitive Services and LUIS, Amazon Lex, Wit.ai, and others.
  • The MoC team understands that a well-weighed project budget is vital and values time and the client’s resources. That is why we make sure our chatbots are executed on time and in a fast and orderly manner.
  • The MoC design core is presented by a team of highly qualified conversational UI and UX experts that are crazy about creating engaging and quirky graphical interfaces.
  • The MoC team is always ready for challenges in terms of custom development. The client just needs to let us know how his idea should look and we will take care of the tech stuff and creatives.
  • MoC is a company that values our masters’ enthusiasm, which is all about IT and the belief that being creative and effective in how we deliver value is key to our success. We share our passion here.
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