Ruby Resources That Will Help You Become a Better Developer

calendar Updated December 05, 2022
Konstantine Semchenko
Former Ruby Developer
Ruby Resources That Will Help You Become a Better Developer

Our Ruby developers put their collective brains together to come up with the best resources to help you become a better Ruby developer.

Recommended Websites and Blogs for Ruby Developers

Good ol’ Google Honestly, if we need to figure out a coding problem, this is one of our first stops. Google knows what geeks want.

Stack Overflow There are people who think Stack Overflow makes hackers lazy, but we think it just makes us code faster and smarter.

Rails Searchable API Doc This searchable API docs saves us time by finding functions, classes and files for us (exact match is unnecessary). Smart match is awesome. The keyboard shortcuts save time, and those seconds add up fast. (yes, it’s in Russian) Perfect for forward-thinking people who are interested in the future of IT and the internet economy. Some of the latest articles include “One of the biggest DDoS-attacks in history” and “NASA is preparing to launch a solar sail Sunjammer”.

RailsCasts Tons of screencasts with tips and tricks to dominate Ruby on Rails. The videos are short and informative, with a focus on applying it to the project you’re working on. Perfect for intermediate Rails developers, but still helpful for beginners and experts, too.

RailsGuides Be immediately productive on Rails, and understand how all the pieces fit together. (Russian again) Ukrainian-focused site that keeps us in-the-know about the latest tech news.

Recommended Books for Ruby Devs

Eloquent Ruby by Russ Olsen There’s a Ruby way of thinking and problem-solving. This book will help you get there.

Programming Ruby by Dave Thomas The reference manual for Ruby.

Agile Web Development with Rails by Sam Ruby Recommended by the Rails core team, and by us.

The Rails 3 Way by Obie Fernandez Teaches the ins and outs of Rails 3.

The Ruby Way: Solutions and Techniques in Ruby Programming by Hal Fulton A super “how-to” book with more than 400 examples arranged by topic. Super helpful.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails by Michael Harti The best part is it guides you through the whole web development cycle from beginning to end. It’s the perfect book to lead you to true Rails mastery.

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