Facebook iD8 in Berlin: key takeaways from our Masters

calendar Updated July 15, 2024
Facebook iD8 in Berlin: key takeaways from our Masters

As a member of Facebook Developers Circle Master of Code Team has attended the closed ID 8 event by Facebook in Berlin on October 22nd. Ivan Pohrebniyak, Client Delivery Director and Gleb Dobzhanskiy, VP of Engineering went to stay tuned with the key happenings at Facebook, namely within the power of the Messenger to empower businesses to generate more growth and stay better engaged with their audience/clients.

MOC team on Facebook iD8 in Berlin

Guys’ key takeaways:

Reconfirmed chatbot use cases in Messenger / Social Media are:

  • Leads Generation
  • Driving Commerce
  • Customer Care

Learnings for the chatbot/messenger commerce:

  • Focus on user intent – think what your users want
  • Re-engage using sponsored messages – works extremely well as on the first saw the user may be taken away by smth else, as we often check the FB on the go
  • Measure and improve. Don’t get discouraged when starting up – it takes time to fine tune your campaign / approach

Use Cases for Spark AR Effects

Best use cases for Spark AR Effects:

  • Express aesthetic
  • Capture what I’m feeling or doing
  • Get inspired
  • Have fun
  • Make friends laugh
  • Be part of something big

But the main rule is to make the AR effects as gifts, not ads:

  • The Messenger of AirFrance, call “Lui” handles more than 80% of the airlines’ interactions
  • Over 400 projects at FB are running on the open-source technologies
  • Using PyTorch there are 400T+ predictions made per day worldwide
  • KLM (by they have turned 100 years old this October) has one of the best messaging conversational solutions within the airlines industry (see one of the attached images on the stats reached)

KLM bot for Facebook Messenger
An excellent closing remark “if you want to improve yourself, you need to dare to make mistakes.” And we are looking forward to the joint events by Facebook, Facebook Developers Circle, Lift 99 and Master of Code in Ukraine! Stay tuned.

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