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Farm Track Livestock Manager is an easy-to-use tool that is used to collect the data users need to make better decisions for their livestock herds. Powerful web-based reporting will provide better decisions. Farm Track Livestock Manager will help automate the process of marketing animals. The process is very simple: the user scans or enters the tag number, adds new log entry information (ex. weight) and clicks submit. WIFI or cellular service will not be required. The app will automatically sync user’s records when a connection is found. With Farm Track Livestock Manаger’s mobile application the user can track: Animal and Health Information, Genetic Information (Dam, Sire and Sibling ID’s), Tag and / or RFID tag numbers, Вirth Date, Calving Data, Vaccinations, Hormones, Illness Tracking, Medications, Withdrawal Times, Weight Gain, Feed Type and Quantity. The Farm Track Livestock Manager will provide users with instant Average Daily Weight Gain after each log entry. All of the information is stored securely online and provides powerful reporting to help the user better manage their herd.

  • Client

    Dustin Refvik
  • Duration

    6 months
  • Team size

    10 people
  • Platform

    iOS, Android
  • Industry

  • Website



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