4 Mar 2021 11:00 am (CST) (GMT 0)
  • Ecommerce & Retail

AI radar for e-commerce businesses

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    We invite you to join a discussion, what e-commerce businesses are doing with AI?

    The hype around AI has led to exaggerated expectations and vague details. With sufficient understanding of the capabilities of AI — and the best ways to determine how it can serve the organization — e-Commerce leaders can adopt and exploit the promise of AI with realistic expectations. There are 8 AI use cases for eCommerce. 5 of them can be applied now, the rest 3 – worth to observe or test and try.

    • 270%
      The numbers of businesses adopting AI grew by
    • 62%
      Of consumers are willing to submit data to AI to have better experiences with businesses
    • 9 in 10
      Leading businesses have ongoing investments in AI
    • 15%
      of all customer service interactions globally is expected to be fully powered by AI in 2021

    In this episode you will learn:

    • How to target position zero with voice search at home, on web-site or with smart speakers
    • About turning business to AI & automation for customer sourcing
    • How to give the consumer freedom of choice in how they want to interact with you
    • Use cases to optimize cloth selection and introduce augmented fitting rooms for consumers
    It is too early to use AI everywhere, but too late not to use it at all.
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    Presented By:

    • Andrii Burlutskyi

      Head of Marketing (Master of Code Global)

      A Fan of Our Future, expert in digital transformation and the development of exponential organizations (EXO), business innovations, AI in business and change management in technology projects.
    • Bryce North

      Sales & Marketing Manager (Master of Code Global)

      A serial entrepreneur with years of experience building, scaling, and running ecommerce companies. From being featured on Canada’s Dragons' Den, building crowdfunding campaigns, to building e-commerce brands and tech companies that have scaled to over 40 countries.

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