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To enhance every project challenged by Master of Code, our web and mobile development process includes full Quality Assurance services.

The original mission of Quality Assurance is to develop and then manage quality control procedures. Primarily QA checks that the developed project completely meets project technical and UI specifications as well as business needs and goals not just checks your service for possible bugs before it is released or before code is relocated to the working environment.

QA engineers are involved in project development process from its very beginning. QA experts work with the specification document and designs first to get acquainted with the project and find logic gaps in documentation preventing major issues in architecture and UI.

At Master of Code we have a great QA team of 20 Quality Assurance Engineers to analyse your project from end-user point of view, test it thoroughly, give feedback, and suggest improvements.

In addition, QA-s take part in project meetings and discuss new features with the app development team.

We’ve developed a QA strategy that perfectly fits into the development process without interfering in it, but focusing on the specified purposes.

Our experts are capable of testing social networks, E-commerce and educational applications, b2b systems, various online services and content management systems, and mobile applications.

Software testing identifies problem areas in the app helping to deliver solid product. To do that a lot of testing types and methods are performed.

Putting it differently, this service offers multiple types of software, web and mobile apps quality assurance.

  • Automated app testing anticipates the use of special programming software for controlling the tests and comparison of the expected and actual result of the application. This kind of testing helps to automate frequently occurring and essential tasks. Auto tests are often run before merging new functionality with existing one or before deploys.
  • Functional Testing is based on the knowledge of the system workflow which is described in the Project Documentation. The challenge for the QA engineer in conducting the functional testing is to present a reconciliation between the description of the system and its actual behavior.
  • Load and Stress testing characterizes the system in terms of its sustainability at the extreme conditions, e.g., synchronous uploads, high-traffic, and peak usage periods because each application or software has a specific load-bearing capacity.
  • Usability testing is the audit of the application to assure its compliance with the requirements in terms of convenience of using the app. Usability testing engages real users in testing the product and provide their feedback. That’s why usability testing of the app is an integral part of the successful winning client’s approval and acceptance.
  • Compatibility testing allows to check the interaction of the app with various software products, operational systems, and environment setups.

Our in-depth Quality Assurance expertise in software as well as mobile and web apps helps you achieve high quality standards desired in your business. Our QA experts do all that is necessary to ensure your app works exceptionally well.