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Development of mobile or web apps doesn’t begin or end with coding. Several other important areas of the application development process form an integral part of product success. And the project discovery phase is one of the vital parts of our app development service.

The Master of Code team will be working with you in close collaboration to develop the specification doc for the app, establish and prioritize the key app features, identify the technology stack, create the project plan, and deliver wireframes with a clickable app prototype.

Solutions defined in this document will give your app development team the basic concepts needed to get the project off the ground and will be used to create tasks for the design and development phases.

At the end, you will have all the necessary material to attract investors and begin developing your minimum viable product.

The specwriting deliverables from Master of Code Global include:

Overall description of your app, its goals and objectives, as well as system roles description. This part is crucial not only for the requirements document but also for the process of creating an app.

Technology stack, which includes a list of suggested technologies developers will be using, libs and tools. The Master of Code development team ensures you get the best engineering fundamentals to your product. Our app developers are experts in the industry and will suggest the better tech solution for your app project.

Environment. This phase is required to outline the technical needs of the hosting environment, databases and file storage in order for the product to achieve the desired functionalities.


Data structure (ERD) serves several purposes. First and foremost, to better understand the relationship between people, objects, and concepts within your app. As soon as you define the interaction model, you may start to establish the contexts required to enable users to effectively identify and view the data in your app.


User stories – these are descriptions of the app features from the user’s point of view. They are of great value for describing and understanding the product functionality. User stories help to craft more powerful, intuitive features, as you will know when and how users are interacting with your app.

Wireframes with a clickable prototype. Master of Code will design your app storyboard to define the app structure and visualize its UI layout. This offers a clear idea of the look and feel of the application.

The Project Plan is the essential part of the specification document, as it provides the direction for the app development process. It’s a document where the in-depth estimation gets divided into sprints. Each sprint includes a detailed list of features that are planned to be implemented and average time spent for that. Project Planning helps to organise the team load and the possibility of parallel tasks fulfillment, thus speeding up the implementation of the project.

Project Plan

The specification document is the foundation for all the steps to come. It’s what designers use to come up with designs, and what developers use as a guideline for coding.