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Promise based management system


PromisEZ is a promise-based management tool, which allows to easily manage promises, measure team performance and make weekly and monthly reports to improve communicative and executive processes within the company.


PromisEZ main features:

  • PromisEZ Feature - Managing PromisesManaging Promises

    Users can easily create a Team with weekly or monthly reporting and set up a plan for the year to manage goals and promises for this period.

  • PromisEZ Feature - Statistics Gathering Statistics

    Any user can get team performance statistics for any period during the year.

Master's Comment

Master’s comment

The most complicated features in the project were Team types, Reports and VIP statuses. The new admin panel Trestle was used for the project, so we’ve experienced a lot of issues when trying to customize it. Luckily, the Trestle admin panel author implemented missing features per our requests. During the system implementation we've changed team managing flows several times to make them more clear and appropriate for the promise-based management process. We've also faced several issues when calculating the teams score.

Daria Dementieva — Project Manager

PromisEZ is a medium-term project that we have been working on for the past 6 months.

The project activity included:

  • Design
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance


We prepared a complete redesign of the existing scorecard system including new features and enhancements. The main problem was to make the product user-friendly and easy to use. The second design version included design of the mobile responsive version and various enhancements, including change of the color scheme due to the change of the logo.

Accountability Scorecard Design

What We Created

We’ve used Amazon as hosting for the app and S3 to save avatars and logos.
For deployment, we’ve used Docker Compose.

DevOps Comment

Master’s comment

We’ve used Jenkins server on our side to build images and then pushed them to repository in the Amazon ECR (Amazon Elastic Container Registry) to avoid overloading the production. We’ve also used Ansible as the configuration management system and for automated deploy. All of this allowed us to store the images in the client’s account and simply launch them on the production server with the use of Docker Compose.

Viacheslav Dovhopolyi — DevOps Engineer

To simplify user management for the global admin we added full access to the users in the system admin panel and provided possibility to manage them and edit their profiles and statuses. For example VIP statuses were added so that partners could get free access to the system for a long periods of time. We offer discount codes for trusted companies, which want to try the complete system functionality for free for a limited period.

There were several challenges on the tech side. Unclear understanding of the promise based management specifics caused some difficulties during the app development process.

As a result, we’ve implemented three user roles with different permissions in the system, two team types with different reporting periods and improved score calculation and displaying it on the graph.

Developer Comment

Master’s comment

One of the most complicated parts to implement was payment system.
System has subscriptions, discount codes, vip users and other functionality that build a lot of different cases that require maximum attention.
For deployment we used Amazon Elastic Container Registry to store, manage, and deploy Docker container images. This technology allows us to save configurations and quickly move them into a production environment.

Serhii Ovcharenko — Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Duration

    6 months
  • Team size

    12 people
  • Platform

  • Industry

  • Website


Technology stack

    • technology JQuery
    • technology HTML5
    • technology CSS3
    • technology Stripe
    • technology Ruby
    • technology Rails
    • technology PostgreSQL
    • technology Redis
    • technology Sidekiq
    • technology SendGrid
    • technology AWS S3
    • technology TrestleAdmin
    • technology Docker Compose

Quality Assurance

We’ve tested the project on different devices including iOS, Android devices and desktop. Testing activities consisted of load testing and cross-browser testing for the web application. There were also some issues when testing admin panel with full access to any item in the system and payments management.


Support phase hasn’t started yet. We are waiting for the users feedback after the MVP phase and working on the enhancements for the MVP at the same time.

Check out our app: